Rehling de Roos was born in NC.  Moving around often, her father's job eventually settled them in Germany on the border of Switzerland and France. It was here that her love for fashion and horseback riding began. With her grandmother having owned a children's boutique and her mother a talented classic children's clothing seamstress, her path to being a designer was destined.                                                     
Upon graduating high school she set off to Charleston, SC to be near family and attend The College of Charleston.  She spent a couple of years studying business but with her dreams of being a designer ever present she decided to transfer to The Art Institute of Charleston to study fashion.  When the recession hit her dreams took a back seat and she went to work first in insurance and then onto a successful sales career in the yacht building world. While living in Florida feeling unsettled and unhappy, her journey to making her dreams come true began.       
In the fall of 2019 she returned to Charleston to follow her dreams.  In January 2020 Rehling de Roos, LLC was founded with a pair of leggings.  But it was through her two passions of riding and fashion that the Equestrian and EquiSuit lines were born.  Determined to show that in a traditionally conservative world your inner fashionista can shine. 
Both lines are proudly USA Made but also strive to promote sustainable fashion through the use of top quality recycled and sustainably produced fabrics.  Fashion has one of the largest carbon footprints and we want to do our part to show that fashion doesn't have to compromise the earth! 
Rehling de Roos currently resides with her two dogs Hera and Atlas and her horse Teddi Bear in Charleston, SC.                         
A huge thank you to her family, friends, dogs, horses and barn family; it is with their love and support that those dreams she once dreamed as a little girl are now coming true.                                  
"What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling what if you FLY?"
-Erin Hanson